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Outsourcing Independent Contributors are riskier than hiring one who works in a company. Continuity of work, lack of professionalism, unverified credentials and unmonitored activities are among the risk your company will take. With Affiliate Contractors, all those worries are solved, while getting you top quality agents who deliver efficient, quality and cost-effective work.


With our 24×7 support system, if one gets fired or will be absent for a long time, The Virtual Assist Solutions will provide you a substitute without going thru the hassles of training and hiring again. It’s like having your own HR Team. And with this, you will no longer worry about losing days of work.

Lack of Professionalism

While we work at home, professionalism and the quality of work we deliver is of utmost importance. The Virtual Assist Solutions assures you that every agent comes to work on time, with a reliable internet connection of not less than 1mbps, and a quiet room as their workplace. All the tools if not provided by your company (e.g. Magicjack or Skype Call plans) may be provided by us upon prior arrangement.

Unverified Credentials

Our team undergoes verification and rigorous interviews with our Team Managers. This is where we verify credentials and the appropriate skill sets as to what suitable positions they can take. Hiring within The Virtual Assist Solutions, gives you more time for your business, rather than going thru all countless resumes in your computer or seeking assistance from the expensive head hunters.

Unscrupulous activities

With The Virtual Assist Solutions, you have to option to hire one of our Team Managers at no extra cost to monitor our members as they work within your company. This gives you an additional arm in managing your workers avoiding unscrupulous activities.

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